We are value creators.

We want to become the most innovative value creators in the Entertainment Industry.

We create strategic content solutions to meet the new communication demands that people ask of brands, broadcasters and talent.

Capturing the attention of the target audience, public and followers becomes evermore difficult today. We take up this challenge by putting our values, distinctiveness, listening capacity, emotional involvement and meaningfulness at the heart of all our projects.

Our team combines editorial talent, creative flair and analytical expertise.

We are the full entertainment agency of Libera Brand Building Group. We are MagicBox Entertainment.

Influencer Marketing

We redefine influencer marketing in a highly creative way, bringing together social media finesse and entertainment’s ability to engage.

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Entertainment Strategy

We create entertainment strategies to connect brands and editorial players in a single narrative approach.

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BFP - Brand-Funded Programming

We develop projects that integrate brands into editorial programmes (TV or digital), with production costs completely financed by the brand itself.

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We help brands negotiate crucial phases of the consumer journey when screens are OFF.

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Editorial Originals

We bring stimulus and creativity to the Entertainment Industry by writing new formats for the country’s major broadcasters and production companies.

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Event Formats

Leveraging the talents of the best event-creators on the market, we create new events to guarantee unique and exclusive experiences for participants.

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Brand & Plot Integration

TV programmes, dramas, movies, series, video clips: we choose the right editorial context to convey a brand message that is already embedded in the original narrative.

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Partnership & Multiplatform Project

We pool our own strategic and creative skills with the know-how of the market’s biggest players (TV, radio, digital, social, OTG, influencers) to create structured projects.

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Would you like to get in touch with us

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