BFP - Brand-Funded Programming.

What?! We consider BFP to be the ultimate expression of Branded Entertainment.
There are a myriad of different terms, such as AFP (Advertiser-Funded Programming) or Branded Content, which is currently the top-trending one. But they’re all variations of the same thing: content funded by brands.

But we’re not talking simply about extended advertising, a sales ad or just advertisers paying money: there now exist forms of hybrid co-development, all-round asset creation and co-production.

This is a very fluid model that allows the creation of entertainment programmes that the audience wants to watch and share.
In this scenario it doesn’t matter who foots the production bill: whether it’s the brand or publisher, the results are the same.

The content that makes the difference

We create both BFP Originals with a drafted paper format that portrays the brand in terms of values in line with the editorial identity of the broadcaster/platform partner, and also BFPs using existing formats that are synergistic with the brand message that the client wants to put across.

Brand framework & objectives understanding

Scouting opportunities & Evaluation phase / Creative development

Crafting best BFP + KPIs definition & pitch to client

Pre-production + Production + Post-production + On air/Online

Post-evaluation & Report

BFP has to be entertaining!

The audience must want to search for the content and interact with it.

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