Partnership & Multiplatform Project.

Can you take players who belong to the same supply chain but operate in different business areas and get them round the same table?

The answer is yes!

Building extended working panels, covering different touchpoints to reach and capture the target audience’s attention at every point of the consumer journey is complex but challenging, and that’s why we like it.

And the secret? You just need to find the right conductor whose overall vision can accommodate and coordinate the excellent work of each individual person.

Extensive networking

Together with our roster of partners we are constantly scouting and evaluating the best partnerships to offer our customers, combining our strategic and creative skills with the expertise of the market’s most established players (TV, radio, digital, social, on-the-ground and influencers).

Brand framework & objectives understanding

Scouting & Evaluation phase

Crafting project & pitch to client

Creative development & pre-production + Execution

Post-evaluation & Report

Managing complexity to get results Creating integrated

Multi-platform projects allows us to exploit all our know-how by creating partnerships that truly merit the description “never seen before”.

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Would you like to get in touch with us

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