Brand & Plot Integration.

Integrating a product has become one of the most effective forms of marketing.

According to a study by Deloitte, over 41% of viewers repeatedly skip or avoid commercials.
Also, viewers prefer product integration to adverts. A BEN Ipsos survey found that 73% of viewers said they found integration less intrusive than ads.

This method only works if the products are authentically inserted into the story, enhancing the narrative and not distracting from it.

In-depth assessment of the context

We choose the right editorial context to convey a brand message that already exists within the original narrative, so that we can act on valuable KPIs such as Familiarity, Brand Lift, Consideration and Trust&Advocacy. The viewer becomes a consumer only if the editorial content retains its appeal (TV programmes, dramas, movies, series and music videos).

Brand framework & objectives understanding

Scouting & Evaluation phase

Crafting best opportunities & pitch to client

Creative development & pre-production + Production + Post-production + On air/Online

Post-evaluation & Report

Synergistically integrating a product into an editorial content is an art

We have outlined several golden rules (both alternative and integrative) to make sure integration gets effective results: make a value association between brand and story and/or create a link between brand and character/s, use of the brand as set/location of the editorial content and/or insertion of the product as a natural prop so that the reality generated by the content comes to life.

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