Editorial Originals.

A huge amount of content is produced in Italy: many formats are imported (and therefore purchased) from abroad, but even more common are the programmes that lack formal and structural elements.

This is why they are not allowed to be sold outside Italy.

Originality, visual characterisation, replicability and narrative development: these are the essential ingredients if you want to make a global product.

We grow the value chain

We want to inject stimulus and creativity into the Italian Entertainment Industry by writing new formats for the country’s big broadcasters and production companies.

Context understanding

Creative Development

Pitch to broadcaster/producers

Pre-production + Production + Post-production + On air/Online

Let’s go to create something new that people want to watch

We intercept the fastest growing trends and turn the stories that audiences want to see and hear into programmes.

Would you like to get in touch with us

Would you like to get in touch with us

We are here to help!