The Adecco Group

The Adecco Group confirms the Libera Brand Building group as its omni-channel...


Libera Brand Building, the creative and strategic consulting company, consolidates its partnership with The Adecco Group, global leader in HR Services. Together with Bebit, MagicBox Events and Inthezon, Libera Brand Building is part of a Group specialising in raising brand value to the highest possible levels.

“A confirmation that honors the entire work team involved in creating value for the The Adecco Group brand and the companies that are part of it: Spring Professional, Badenoch+Clark, Mylia, Modis and the Adecco Foundation”, says Roberto Botto, CEO & Founder of the Libera Brand Building Group. “The collaboration continues in the wake of the experience gained over the past few years and will continue during the two-year period 2019-2020 with a specific focus in the field of atl, btl and social media. The aim of the assignment is to affirm the positioning of the individual brands through an on-line and off-line omnichannel strategy.”

Two companies in the Group will work on the project: Libera Brand Building for off-line communication and Bebit for digital and social creativity.

“The work we will do on the level of reputation for each of the Adecco Group brands will be extensive – says Riccardo Barbazza, Creative Director Bebit – The social strategy we are pursuing will have the task of acting in more than one direction, guaranteeing vertical coverage and horizontal. While on the one hand we will have to concentrate on consolidating the identity of the individual brands, also through a communicative approach ‘over the buzz’, on the other we will have the task of giving the brand the role of solution-maker for companies and institutions in the field of human resources.”

“Working on the design of an omnichannel customer experience strategy for all these brands is a great opportunity, as it allows us to implement projects of amplification of brand positioning and really effective and consistent engagement activities, as well as being a great challenge for everyone working in the Libera Brand Building and Bebit teams,” concludes Pamela Pelatelli, Head of strategy of the Group.”