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Urban Up stands out


Urban Up stands out


For one night only, the Galleria San Federico in the heart of Turin transforms into a hub of music, art and social commitment to host the “San Federico in Luce” event that we designed and managed on behalf of Urban Up, Unipol Group’s real estate project.

Urban Up is one of the most active realities in the field of the redevelopment of national architectural heritage: hence the idea of designing an event that could bring art to life in an extraordinary and unusual setting.

The leitmotiv of the evening was light. Light that accompanied the performance of the musicians from Turin’s Verdi Conservatory, with evocative light design choreographies”.It is light that inspired the work of Giovanni Gastel, committed to taking 30 portraits of selected guests: the master lent his work for free and the proceeds from the sale of the portraits were entirely donated to the EIO, European Institute of Oncology. A choice that made the event even more memorable and woven into the social fabric.